India's success - the way forward

What ails India? How can India achieve its potential?

In this podcast, Sanjeev Sabhlok, senior leader of Swarna Bharat Party (India's only liberal party) analyses Indian current affairs and offers a way forward for India to become a developed, modern nation.

During my recent trip I had the opportunity to address tens of different types of audiences. The result of this has been a significant further development of the script that SBP can use to communicate the message of liberty to the people of India. I'm hoping that the Bhadohi team will update their script and thereafter train booth level workers in the revised script.

Modi started a "program" (that one simply can't agree with) to physically build toilets in people's homes in villages across India. There is a lot of evidence that just like any other socialist program, half these are missing and the other half are dysfunctional and not being used.

I've visited and inspected many of these toilets during my recent trip in India. The "Modi Toilet Scandal" if one may so call it, is huge but not surprising. All socialists are fundamentally corrupt.

In my visits to Guwahati and Bhadohi over the past 10 days I've confirmed that the seed of liberty that was planted in India around 2 years ago has now found roots and is has not just become a seedling but has become a small plant. It is still dwarfed by the big parties but it is very clear that the party's message is starting to resonate with a lot of people. I'll separately provide the message that we are telling the people, so you'll see how far we have reached in our messaging.

It is my pleasure to publish Rahul Pandit's message for the constituents of Malkajgiri. He is the first person in a very long time to take the message of liberty to the people of India. In this broadcast Rahul Pandit thanks the residents and promises to work with them to support them in the coming years.

A few weeks ago I had put out a draft agenda for the Abhinav Bharat Abhiyan. I've received a comment on this which I've published on my blog at

I'm grateful for feedback and the opportunity to clarify issues. I will appropriately consider relevant issues in the next draft which I'll prepare in the next few days.