My Camino - the podcast

Pilgrims who have walked the Camino de Santiago tell the story of their Camino

A weekly podcast featuring interviews with pilgrims from around the world who have walked the many paths to the remains of Christ's Apostle St James in Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain. Hosted by Sydney broadcaster and producer Dan Mullins, My Camino - the Podcast explores pilgrims' motivation for undertaking their Camino, what they carried, where they stayed, how far they walked each day and many other questions. Dan and his guests also explore the mystical nature of the Camino ~ and what makes it so special to so many pilgrims from around the globe. If you're a pilgrim or are thinking of walking the Camino de Santiago, this podcast is for you. Sponsor Dan via or

Angela walked the Camino in October 2018. Two things I learned from this podcast.... Angela says: “Those things you desire, but are too scared to reach for? That’s your spirit trying to guide your soul." And “....there’s something bigger there, there’s something bigger for us to realise…. we are so much more, than the roles we have chosen to play.” Enjoy this insightful podcast about learning why we're here and why the Camino chooses US.

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Steffen A Pfeiffer began walking the Camino in 2010 after suffering burn-out. He's since walked 12 Caminos. He is a great storyteller and he has a great story TO tell. His passion for his cause, the importance of water, is infectious. Wait til you hear where his favourite place is and why. Enjoy dm

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Geri's Facebook profile says "Open your heart, love who you are, believe in yourself, be kind always, never give up, trust your soul." Pretty good advice hey?!

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Four guests this week. I spoke to Maggie Caffyn in week 21 ~ her pilgrimage has taken her well beyond her comfort zone. Susi Stephenson is now running an albergue on the Camino and her #30 guest, Fermin, joins us as well. And Gonzala is a Santiago cab driver who sheds light on the pilgrims' plight from the perspective of a local businessman. We are blessed as pilgrims. We ought to share the love dm

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Jessica and Will gave up their corporate lives to take an entirely different course. This is a wonderful yarn about the spirit of life and adventure. The challenge for all of us is are we prepared to let go. Jessica and Will provide some of the answers. Enjoy dm

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