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Think: Business Futures is about so much more than money.

Hosts David Brown and Nicole Sutton go beyond the buzzwords, and takes cutting-edge research and real world examples, to explore the complexities of a current business story.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was once seen as The Man In the Grey Flannel Suit, stuffy, stressed and serious. But something changed in the latter part of the 20th century, giving way to a cultural and political veneration of the modern CEO.

On this episode, we speak to Carl Rhodes (@ProfCarlRhodes), professor of organisational studies at the University of Technology Sydney, about how corporate has become the model for transforming all spheres of life.

Further Reading:​

  1. CEO Society- Carl Rhodes and Peter Bloom (Zed Books)

  2. Gordon Gekko- ‘Greed is good’ (from the film Wall Street)

  3. Jack Welch-Former CEO of General Electric- interview on Freakenomics

  4. Larry Fink (BlackRock) Letter to CEO’s

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Carl Rhodes David Brown Nicole sutton CEO Richard Branson Jeff Bezos CEO Society

On this episode of Think Business Futures, we’re speaking to Dr. Geetanjali Saluja, about her research into moral decision making.

Plus, we track down Adam Ferrier, co-founder of Naked Communications and Thinkerbell to tell us how moral decision making plays out in the marketing world.

Geetanjali Saluja David Brown Nicole Sutton Adam Ferrier

On budget night the Treasurer announced the government’s vision for the economy. His speech contained vague phrases and euphemisms, tailored for a broader audience. 

On this episode, we pick this speech apart get behind some of those pesky budget buzzwords.

Budget 2018 buzzwords

Professor Danielle Logue, Associate Professor of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management at UTS Business School

Professor Krithika Randhawa, Lecturer, Management Discipline Group at UTS Business School 

Producers: Jess Klajma, Annastasia Annastasia.Diaczok, Tim Wang

Danielle Logue Krithika Randhawa UTS Business School 2018 Budget

Professor Kees Van Gool, Associate Professor at Centre for Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE)- University of Technology Sydney

Produced by: Jess Klajman, Annastasia Diaczok and Tim Wang 

Kees Van Gool UTS Business School 2018 Budget